"The Legend Begins" was first released  at the Texas State Fair in 1994. Filled with common sense, confidence, patriotism, inspiration, education, and motivation, the book has been read around the world.  Join Eagle and the young spirit eagle (Ican) as they set out to restore America's traditional values.

  Everything is a matter of attitude... and every attitude matters. There are many "could be on the honor-roll students" failing not only their classes at school... but at confidence, common sense, patriotism, courtesy, and communication with their friends and with their family. They are also failing at goal-setting, dreaming, and dream-chasing. There is an over-abundance of lack of self-esteem, self-respect, and respect for others and their property. It's time to get back to basics and common sense, along with positive role-models. Not "perfect" people, but people seeking and encouraging personal perfection. Contact me anytime by email and I'll get back to you asap.  
  ---Kicking Eagle

Going through bad times? 

Make an unforgivable mistake? I'm the world champion mistake-maker. We're all spirits here on earth having a human experience and we are going to make mistakes. But we're supposed to learn from our mistakes. It's not the mistakes that count, but the got-it-rights. So, keep right on making mistakes, learn from them, and keep making new mistakes until you got-it-right. By having experienced your experience, you'll have the experience necessary to help others you meet along life's trail. We're all going to make mistakes, suffer losses, suffer set-backs. Sometimes we'll think we're at the end-of-the-trail. We're never at the end as long as we don't give up. We're all here on an assignment from God. He didn't give any of us an assignment that He doesn't think we can handle. He'll provide the means, the people, the time, and the place. Meanwhile, fly high, avoid gophers, realize that YOU represent God and your country... and keep on praying!"  
  ---Kicking Eagle
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I believe in education
I believe in God above
And freedom of religion
And I certainly believe in love...
I believe in equal rights for all
I believe in prayer in school,
I believe in man's self-confidence
And I believe in integrity too.

I believe in peace and freedom
But I don't believe they come "free,"
I believe in Truth and Justice
Backed up by you and me...
I believe in the Constitution
And of course, "The Bill of Rights"
I believe in family unity
And a man alone who fights.

I believe in the American Eagle
The symbol of the U.S.A.
I believe in the Stars and Stripes
Flying proudly every day...
I believe in the right to carry arms
To protect the family and home,
And to defend what all I believe
And I believe I'm not alone...

I believe in America!

"Kicking Eagle instills self-esteem, integrity, thirst for knowledge, unity, and traditional values to people of all ages."
--La Follette Press, LaFolette, Tn.

"Kicking Eagle is a motivational speaker for all Americans, regardless of race, color or religious affiliation."
--Sentinel-Record, Hot Springs, Arkansas
"You can look out the window at a limo all day, but it won't take you anywhere until you get in it. My advice, my books, The Bible, and most other things work in a similar manner."
--- Kicking Eagle

"Everything is a matter of attitude... and every attitude matters."
  --- Kicking Eagle

"If you never do less than you are capable of doing... you'll never  be capable of doing less."
--Kicking Eagle

"Today can't begin until you turn loose of yesterday." ~ Kicking Eagle 
"The ONLY limits you have...
         are those you accept!"
--- Kicking Eagle
KICKING EAGLE     "Ambassador of The People"
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"Kicking Eagle Speaks for America! "  
Inspiration, Education, Motivation For All Ages

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"When you change your attitude, the whole world will change around you." ~ @Kicking Eagle 
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          Kicking Eagle

             "Motivating The World"

                 With Confidence, Common Sense, Patriotism, Traditional Values & Integrity
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"The Legend Begins!" is entering the 11th printing & has been read around the world.  It is a book for all ages and comes with a WARNING:  "Contents can be educational, inspirational, & motivational."  Order yours now.  Click "Gift Shop" link on  link bar above.
"If you don't fit in... Stand Out!"  
                       --- Kicking Eagle
Official Kicking Eagle International
"I have no time for hate or debate,I have too many positive things to do."
~ Kicking Eagle     

"God created the world with His Words... 
and you will create your world with your words."
~ Kicking Eagle

"If you don't know what happened, please don't tell me."
~ Kicking Eagle

"You are not perfect, but you are being perfected; 
God has more grace than you have disgrace." ~ Kicking Eagle

QUOTE TO FLY BY: "An eagle seen flying with ducks will look like an odd duck." --Kicking Eagle
​"Be friendly to all, but choose your friends with wisdom."  ~ Kicking Eagle ​

 "The Only Limits You Have Are Those You Accept!" ~ Kicking Eagle

"The good thing about being behind is that you must start from  behind in order to get ahead." ~Kicking Eagle 
"We are here on assignment, representing God & America.  Let's start acting like it.
~Kicking Eagle
"If you'll correct your mistakes & I correct mine, 
we'll get along a lot better.  I'm working on mine."
~Kicking Eagle    


Email us at PR@kickingeagle.com

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Kicking Eagle Motivates The World!

Email: PR@kickingeagle.com 

"On assignment"


​       The story of the man known worldwide as Kicking Eagle was included in the book "The Legend Begins". Since then his books, recordings, media and personal appearances have motivated America and the world with confidence, common sense, patriotism and traditional values.  

      Author, songwriter, entertainment promoter & motivational speaker Kicking Eagle has appeared at schools, colleges, churches, town-hall meetings, charity events, community events, fairs, pow-wows, & seminars. He has inspired millions through radio & television appearances.  Eagle has also hosted more than 100 "Eagle Talk" radio programs, and authored the newspaper column "Kicking Eagle Speaks."  

      Eagle's message of confidence, common sense, patriotism & traditional values creates a thirst for knowledge with the thought: "The world is my classroom... everyone is my teacher." His books are suggested for "children, ages 5 through 115."

      Kicking Eagle received numerous honors while on tour, including the Keys to the City at Youngstown, Ohio & Monticello, Kentucky.

      In addition to churches, schools, colleges, private seminars, fairs and community events, Eagle has appeared at pow-wows nationwide and was appointed Ambassador by The United Eastern Lenape Nation, the United Northern Native Americans, The Ouachita Confederacy, The Red Hawk American Indian Cultural Society, and by The Beaver Creek Tribe of Kentucky. Among others, he has been guest speaker at the Medicine Ways Conference (University of California at Riverside) and at the Eastern Delaware Nation Pow-Wow. His original stories are inspirational, motivational, and educational for all ages. The message is universal... and it is timeless.

      A former peace officer and member of Texas Narcotic Officers Assn., the Texas Ranger Association, the Tennessee Sheriffs Association and the International Narcotic Enforcement Officers Assn., Eagle has appeared for Texas War On Drugs; the Texas Criminal Justice System, Special Olympics, the Eckerd Foundation Camps, the Air National Guard Recruiting & Retention Conference... and at corporate events across America. He now wears 'The Badge of Confidence' and is on assignment for God and America.  He says:  "My confidence comes from God... which is why I don't run out."

      For additional information contact Eagle Media Group, Public Relations

"When the whole world thinks you are down, Stand Up!"
~Kicking Eagle

"It has been my honor to make appearances, conduct book signings, and speak at churches, fairs, pow-wows, schools, businesses, colleges, and community events across America. I've crossed this country many times but what I have done in the past is little compared to what I want to do. I've witnessed an abundance of the lack of self esteem, confidence, common sense, patriotism, traditional values, integrity, and families that don't know Jesus. On the other hand, I still receive messages from people that met me while on tour, saying that something I said changed their life, and in many cases... kept them alive. There is no price you can put on that and I never have (and will not). I would love to continue touring and speaking FREE so that everyone can come and listen. I don't have the means of doing that... but I know that The Lord does... so I will trust Him to supply the means. Meanwhile, If you would like to have a motivational story time in your community, talk it over with a few friends... and then contact us. We'll do our best to get it done."

Fly high, God Bless ....   ~ Kicking Eagle


1. Hire people qualified to do the job
2. Get out of the way & let them do the job (Refer to #1)
3. Treat employees as people, not as machines
4. Talk to the employees, not at them
5. Remain loyal to your employees
6. Your #1 customer is the one you are talking to at any given time
7. Have a ‘Suggestions Box’ and read the suggestions
"You can't change the past, but the possibility of a bad tomorrow might be diminished by your actions today." ~ KE
"What you do for others, God will do for you."  ~ @Kicking Eagle