Hello, I'm Kicking Eagle

Hello America, this is Kicking Eagle inviting you to join me on the assignment to restore the confidence, common sense, patriotism, traditional values and the integrity that the United States and Old Glory have represented to the rest of the world since this country was "founded" by the founding fathers.  If you read my first book, "The Legend Begins"... you'll know my alter-ego, Ican Eagle.  He is actually a spirit on assignment in the physical world, like you and me.  You'll find him on a mission in each of my books, and you'll find that he has a lot of common sense along with a sense of humor.

In order to restore our traditional values, all of us... as individuals, as families, as communities, and most of all as Americans... regardless of our heritage, culture, or age, have to stand together for God and for America!  God blessed America in the beginning, and America was founded with the belief in God... and a firm reliance on Him.  God will Bless America again if we will turn to Him and pray.  Most of us have tried life "our way" and it's past time to get back to following His instructions.   

A lot of mistakes have been made along the way, and most of us are capable of recognizing our own mistakes... without being reminded by others.  It's always good to remember that we will be judged according to the way we judge others.

Let's all leave the past in the past, except to learn from it.  You see America, history is a great teacher and we can all use our knowledge of history from the past (because it is past, which is why it is called "the past").  We can use that knowledge in the present, which is called "the present" because it is a gift from God!  And by using our lessons learned from history, we can work together to secure a better, more positive... future for all Americans!

People have come to America from other countries around the world.  They are still coming, and they all have a dream.  Most are honest and want to come to America to work and to "chase their dream."  Some will catch their dream, others will not.  But, it is better to have dreamed, chased the dream... and failed to catch it... then it would be to never have dreamed at all.  Everyone needs a dream, and God will give you one (or more).  He will never give anyone a dream without giving them the ability to fulfill it.  But He expects you to do your part, and the first thing you have to do to make ANY dream come true... is to WAKE UP! 

My mission and our assignment is to promote confidence, common sense, patriotism and traditional values.  In order to have the experience to carry out the assignment, I had to make a lot of mistakes... and I have.  But, like Ican Eagle says:  "It's not the mistakes that count, it's the got-it-rights... so keep on making mistakes til you got-it-right!"  We need all the help we can get on this assignment, and you are invited to join the flight team.

Thank you America, and let me hear from you.

Follow that dream, America... and I'll see you up the trail, down the road, or in the air.

Remember to fly high and avoid gophers.  (Those are the people around you who would tell you what all you "can't do.")
~ Kicking Eagle         
You are on assignment...
"God gave you the gift of life.
  What you do with it is your gift to Him."
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