Pow-Wow transports you to a pow-wow that could have taken place Anywhere, U.S.A. and introduces you to two brothers, ages 10 and 15 that arrive at the pow-wow with an attitude.  Young Ican Eagle (a spirit on assignment in the physical world as an eagle) has landed at the pow-wow. He takes immediate notice of the boys and their attitude, which soon lands the brothers in trouble with the law.

Pow-Wow Justice takes effect as sheriff deputies turn the boys over to the Indians for an attitude adjustment.  The boys' limited knowledge about Indians is based on what they've seen on the John Wayne movies.  Now they are very concerned about their future... or the lack of it.  Suddenly they begin to remember their manners.

Pow Wow Summit sums it all up and you have traveled with Ican Eagle half way around the world and have discovered that you should not only ever judge a book by its' cover, but that you should never judge any person by what you think you see... because things and people are not always "as they appear."

The Pow-Wow Trilogy is suggested reading for any age and provides you with immeasurable information, education, inspiration and motivation.
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While on tour, Kicking Eagle is often asked about the problems in America and how they "came to be."  Then comes the question:  "What can we do about it?"

Eagle says that the problems have come about for many reasons.  We now have gangs, drugs, alcoholics, Satanism, witchcraft, child abuse and other problems in the news every day.  And of course we have anti-gang task forces, anti-drug task forces, etc. in the news every day.

But let's get back to basics!  Take a look around.  Check out Old Glory the next time you see her.  Many times she will be hanging several inches to several feet down the flagpole.  She is faded, torn, and ragged.  Many times she has holes in her.  Not from battle, but from neglect.  You don't see her raised every morning and taken down in the evening very often nowadays.  And you don't hear the young Americans say the Pledge of Allegiance to her at schools across the country like they used to.

God and prayer are also missing from the schools...or "appear" to be.  But, as long as there are "tests" in school, there WILL be prayer!

Many of our God-given rights have been and continue to be replaced with permits from man.  Our Constitution has been shredded.  If you will take the time to read THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, you will find that the problems our forefathers were concerned with...should concern US now.

Read the Preamble to The Constitution.... and Think about it!

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Think about it! "...in order to form a more perfect union..." Yes, we do have a way to go!; "...to establish justice..."; Well, we seem to have more of a Just Us system than a justice system; "..insure domestic tranquility..."; yes, quite a ways to go; "..."provide for the common defense..."; We have turned our military bases over to foreign troops; "promote the general welfare..."; Perhaps we have been promoting the general public onto welfare?; "..and secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our Posterity..."; Well, there is at least recognition of God, because all blessings come from Him!​

It is time to get back to basics, America!  Let us all be proud of our heritage, our culture, our religious beliefs, our economic level and our individuality....but let us all love and help each other...and please, let us all stand together...and...RESTORE AMERICA!

~ Kicking Eagle (2001)
Runaway?   C'mon home!
by Kicking Eagle

Between 1.6 and 2.8 million young Americans run away in a year. More than 5000 children die each year on the streets from suicide, assault, or illness. Every few seconds... a young person in America will attempt suicide, and within an hour one or more of them will be successful. 

This subject is often addressed in my personal appearances, and through the media whenever possible. An audience of millions of listeners has been reached through the cooperation of radio and television stations nationwide, and for that we are thankful... but there is much more to be done. 

We will continue to address the runaway problem along with the need for pride, confidence, common sense, patriotism and traditional values in America.  Our young Americans represent God and America, and just like the young American eagle --- they need to be taught to "fly high."  If you are a young American, please consider the world as your classroom... and everyone as your teacher.  You can learn positive things... and you can learn negative things.  What you do with your lessons in life (good or bad) is entirely up to you.  God created you SPECIAL and He has a very special ASSIGNMENT just for you!  With your experience, you can be a guiding light for countless others who are "in the dark." 

For those young Americans (or for that matter, anyone any age) concerned with their past, let me remind you: "The past is carved in stone; you cannot change it and I cannot change it. But we can all learn from it and use the knowledge gained from our mistakes in the past... to change the prospects for the future!"  

Having bad things happen to you does not make you bad; God loves you... and so do I.  If you're a runaway and would like to come home, or if you know someone who needs help, it's just a phone call away.  You can be home for Christmas!  Contact the local police wherever you are, or you can call the National Runaway Switchboard at:

                                           Call: 1-800-RUNAWAY

                                                      You will get help!

                                              "Today is a good day to Come Home!"

                                    We love you, we miss you, and we want you home!
Where are the children?
Set your standards high!

 Hello America, 

When I make personal appearances at schools I often ask the question:  What is the difference between price and “value?”  I receive many answers, and some would be funny if it were not for the fact that so many young Americans (and older ones) have no idea what the difference is.

Let’s talk about it.  The “price” of something could be the asking price, the fee, or the charge for something ‑ including the admission fee at a theatre, a concert, or football game.

People often confuse the price of something with its value.  

When someone thinks enough of you to give you a gift, the price has nothing to do with value.  Value is indicated by the fact that they thought enough of you to give you a gift, regardless of price.

Any and all gifts are priceless.The gift of "love" comes to mind.  Everything you will ever have in life is a gift, including life itself (your first gift).  What did you bring with you when you came into this world?  What are you going to take with you when you leave?

Everything you have is a gift, and the most valuable gift you can ever have is your values.  Many people seem to lack values – which can be translated to principles, morals, ethics, ideals, or standards.

Always set your standards high. The greatest gift you can give your friends, family, and the world is to be a role model for others to rise up to your standards.  
~ Kicking Eagle
Due to response from parents and schools , we will leave these messages from Eagle here for awhile.  Everyone is invited to respond.          Email: eagle1@kickingeagle.com
Have you read the Pow-Wow Trilogy?...
photo by Jeff Oliver 
Copyright Kicking Eagle 

Kicking Eagle speaks…

“Role models… and gophers”

Hello Young Americans,

Let’s talk about role models and gophers.  You probably have an idea of what a role model is.  If you look in the dictionary, you’ll find that a role model is an example, standard, model, or a prototype.  When we think about role models, we usually think about positive role models.  “Positive” means helpful, encouraging, or constructive.

Maybe you already knew that.  Maybe what you didn’t know is that everyone is a role model.  That’s right; everyone you know is a role model.  But, everyone is not helpful, encouraging, and constructive.  In fact, many of today’s role models ‑ including some on television, on sports teams, involved in politics, in the movies, and in our everyday world are negative role models.  They are “harmful” role models and will lead you into trouble if you let them.  They are unconstructive, and they are unhelpful.  They are depressing.  They will discourage you if they can.  In fact, if you let them, they will destroy you.  They will encourage you to come down to their level.  If you have a dream, they will steal it from you any way they can.

Some of these so-called “role models” will pretend to be your friend.  Others might be someone in your class, or someone else that you know from school.  They could be someone that does business with your parents or other relatives.  Who makes the decision whether they are good (positive) or bad (negative) role models?  You do! 

I often speak of negative role models as “gophers” because they seem to always be trying to pull someone down to ground level, or below.

How do you keep them from making a gopher out of you?  By flying high like an eagle!  You have to know what kind of a role model you want to be.  You set the standard.  What does that mean?  It means simply that you can make the decision today, right now, to fly at a high level.  Never let anyone pull you down.  Think like an eagle.  After all, you are a young American, just like a young American eagle.  You represent America.  The eagle flies higher than any other bird.  He has a much better view from up there.  When you think and fly like an eagle, you’ll have a better view of everything.  The choice is yours:  Will you be an eagle... or a gopher?

~ Kicking Eagle
From Loretta Lynn & Conway Twitty...
You are hearing:  "God Bless America Again..."
A message to young Americans
Bully, bully!

 Hello young Americans, 

    Young Americans are bullied by other young Americans every day.  Bullies are in big cities and in small communities. "Bully" means to intimidate, to terrorize, to frighten, to browbeat, and to harass.  Bullies think they look "big" or "cool" to others when they pick on someone smaller or someone they believe won't fight back.  If you fight back, you're as likely to get suspended from school as the person doing the bullying.

    Many bullies have low self-esteem, and they think that they can build themselves up by tearing someone else down. Maybe they were bullied when they were younger.  They might have problems at home.  Maybe they need counseling or medical help.  Everyone has problems in life, and sometimes they don't know what to do about them so they take out their frustration on someone else.  When you or anyone else is being bullied, report it immediately to a teacher, a principal, or counselor.  And, report it to your parents!  This is not "being a rat"... it is being a responsible member of your school, and your community.  What they do to you and get away with, the bully will do to others.

    Countless students of all ages suffer from bullying.  The results can be devastating, and can last a lifetime.  The victim is not the only one suffering.  The bully needs help.  When you report a bully, you not only help the victim,... you will be helping the bully get the help he or she needs.  

    It's your responsibility to report them.  It's your school, and it's your life.  God created you with an assignment, and He expects you to get on with it.  Don't let anyone interfere with your life... or your assignment.

~ Kicking Eagle
"Let's get back to basics!"

Hello Young Americans,

We have problems, and YOU are the answer.  People used to watch out for their neighbor.  Too many people today seem to have no concern about what happens to anyone except themselves.

The answer to the drug problem, the crime problem, and many other problems is for us to get back to basics.  It doesn't take millions of dollars, more law enforcement officers, or new government agencies.

We each need to take charge of our own life.  Check your own honesty, values, and manners.  If you start saying "Yes Ma'am"... "Yes Sir"... "Please"... and "Thank you", great things will start happening to you and around you.  Those magic words open doors and are contagious.  They are something to be proud of.  Clean up your language, your appearance, and last (but not least), your ATTITUDE.

Let's take our hats off in the house, do our share of the housework... and the yard work.  Let's all sit down at the kitchen table together and have dinner with the others that live at our house.  Let's have a "familly meeting" and get to know the people that live at your house.  When is the last time that happened?  There are school meetings, scout meetings, business meetings, organization meetings, and all kinds of meetings.  Maybe it's time for at least a once-a-week family meeting!

Many problems will disappear when we get back to basics.

~ Kicking Eagle
"Windows of Opportunity"

Hello Young Americans,

Let's talk about windows of opportunity.

Windows of opportunity are occasions that show up at times in our life that let us leave the past behind and be involved in something new.  That could include job openings, new people, and chances to travel.  It could be a new school, a summer vacation, or a new sport.

Many people miss their windows of opportunity.

Sometimes they think about it... until it's too late.

When a window of opportunity appears, the first thing you have to do is to recognize it and take a chance.  Things will be different than before.  For instance, if you attend a new school, you can make your goal to be on the honor roll.  It might be the first time for you, but opportunities have no limits except those you accept.  If you move to a new location, you haven't "left your friends behind."  You still have them if they are really your friends.  Plus, now you have the opportunity to meet new friends!

I urge everyone (regardless of age) to watch for "windows of opportunity," and be ready to take advantage of them.  They are usually "open" for a short time, so don't procrastinate.  In other words:  Don't drag your feet, don't put if off... just do it!

If you are dreaming about getting to a new place, the first thing you have to do is wake up and leave where you're at!

~ Kicking Eagle
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