Eagle and rockabilly star Roman Self in Memphis
Eagle and Jill Whalen, reporter in Pennsylvania
Eagle at Spruce Pine, N.C. Pow-Wow
With Rupert (Dave Letterman Show) at CBS N.Y.
Eagle and friends at Temple Christian School, Va.
With Rhonda Vincent "The Queen of Bluegrass"
Eagle at WILQ Radio for an interview in Pa.
Freeman Owle & Eagle at a Kentucky Pow-Wow
With Jim Wansacz, Pennsylvania State Representative
Eagle & friends in New York
Eagle talked with America's future leaders
WCBS rolled out the red carpet for Eagle in N.Y.
Country music legend Jack Greene
 (The Jolly Green Giant) & Eagle
Stella Parton & Eagle met up
on her "Million Dollar Tour"
            Kicking Eagle
                           Coming soon.... THE AMERICAN CONFIDENCE TOUR!
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Eagle presented Lifetime Achievement Award to
rockabilly music legend Gene Summers
You never know who you might meet in N.Y.
"If you don't fit in, Stand Out"      -- Kicking Eagle
Plans for the "AMERICAN CONFIDENCE TOUR" are underway
Individuals & Corporations interested in sponsorship contact Public Relations
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"America The Beautiful" performed by Jim Parsley
 Lyrics by Katharine Lee Bates - 1913
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Steve Moore - Peter Hallock - Kicking Eagle
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